Vaping Trends of 2016 So Far

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May 16, 2016
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May 25, 2016

The vaping industry only continues to grow every year and vapers have more of a voice than ever before. Last year, the industry was predicted to reach up to $1.7 billion in sales. In particular, 2016 is proving to be a huge year for vaping, especially with the new regulations set by the FDA. They’re predicted to set the tone of the vaping industry for years to come. Take a look below to read about all the vaping trends that have impacted the community this year.

More Product Testing

The new FDA regulations have made it necessary to have all vaping products approved by the government. Vibleo Vapor Shop Association goes into greater detail about these regulations and even outlines the most significant points. However, even before these new rules came out, the vaping industry was regulating itself. There has been a natural shift to purchasing higher quality products and that trend will last throughout the year. Before they’re put on the market, extensive tests are being performed on some of the industry’s hottest e-cigarettes and e-liquids to ensure that customers are getting products that will last and won’t harm them. Customers also expect products to be clearly labeled with the names of the materials and ingredients that were used to create them.

Beyond Just an Alternative to Smoking

As the vaping industry has expanded, its members have established their very own community. Vaping has become more than just a healthier replacement for smoking cigarettes. In fact, vapers are demanding more from this hobby, purchasing advanced mods to get more flavor and the intense clouds they desire. This trend has stayed relevant throughout 2016 so far and vaping will remain standing on its own with its distinct group of enthusiasts.

Fast Moving Technology

Technology continues to rapidly advance in this market. In some cases, new e-cigarettes and mods are out of date within just a few months. The vaping industry shows no sign of slowing down and these recent developments look like they’re here to stay. This innovative technology is being used all over the world and vapers are always ready to upgrade to the newest options; they want to enjoy the best vaping experience.

Active Community

Vaping unites all different kinds of people, but most of them have one thing in common: being former cigarette smokers. This connection has formed strong local and online communities, letting people share their success stories on how they made the switch. The vaping community only expands even more as vapers find common interests in the flavors they love and ways they can modify their devices.


One of the best things about vaping is how easy it is to customize the devices. Whether someone is looking to vape huge clouds or just wants to experience the strongest flavor, their device can be modified to suit their needs. Vape shops make it easy for users to craft their own e-cigarette that’s perfect for their needs, with individual products ranging from batteries and mods that can be switched out.

As the year progresses, we can look forward to seeing these develop even further. This is an exciting time to be a part of this welcoming and interesting community that’s dedicated to acclimating to a healthier lifestyle. Switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping results in better health and a fun, new hobby to take part in.