6 Ways to Get Your Vape Shop More Business

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July 6, 2016
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August 3, 2016

So you’ve set up your own vape shop and you’re open for business. Your store may be doing well, but how do you really bring in more customers? When there are about 35,000 stores in the United States that sell vape products, competition can be a little tough. Any of the tips below can help your business grow, whether your shop has a physical location or an online store.

1. Attend Vape Conventions

Not only are these fun events to attend, but vape conventions and expos are one of the best ways to network with other prominent individuals and companies in the industry. You can spread the word about your store, hand out business cards, and encourage people to check out your website. Thousands of people attend these events, which means you could have a lot of potential customers who are interested in what you have to sell.

2. Have Highly Trained Employees

People visiting a vape shop are often looking for guidance or recommendations on a personal level. If your employees know the details about all of your products and the latest industry news, customers will be more inclined to visit. They want what they can only get from a brick-and-mortar store with a real person that’s face to face with them – personal recommendations, step by step demonstrations of how to use their products, and more.

3. Always Be Professional

Many vapers are looking to get away from everything related to smoking cigarettes, and that includes typical, lax smoke shops. They want to go to sleek vapor shops with friendly and professional staff that are knowledgeable about the products they sell. Your employees should take the time out to really listen to your customers’ concerns and guide them through picking the perfect vape or e-liquid for their specific needs. Most importantly, they should be ready to assist any customer who walks in the door instead of viewing the store as a lounge or hangout area.

4. Come up with a New Promotion

One way to attract more customers to your shop is with a great deal. You can advertise your promotion with flyers, social media, or even an email campaign. Something as simple as 10% off any product can bring people in to buy vaporizers, e-liquids, or other vape products. Think about what your best selling products are and what kind of specials would bring more customers in.

5. Offer a Rewards Program

Don’t just look for new customers – make sure you keep the current ones you have too. Rewarding them for how much they spend on your products can motivate them to choose you as their regular vape shop. There are all kinds of reward options, from point cards to a free product with a large purchase. Think about which one would be right for your business and what your customers tend to prefer.

6. Get Active on Social Media

The online vaping community is huge. Posting as your company on social media is a way for your customers to personally interact with you, find out about product and promotional news, and keep up to date with everything about your shop. Social media is another way to enhance your brand’s image, as you control what you want to share with your customers and the impression you want to make on them. Missing out on this kind of opportunity to gain loyal followers is a big mistake.

If you’re serious about getting more sales and loyal customers for your business, consider implementing any one of these six pieces of advice. You may be surprised at how much they can result in higher sales. In addition, you should consider working with On Top Distributors, the leading distribution company for e-liquids in the U.S. We can help you get the hottest e-liquid lines on your store’s shelves as soon as they come out.