6 Tips for Establishing Your Own Vape Shop

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May 6, 2016
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May 18, 2016

It’s exciting to get started in the vaping industry! Running your own vapor business can reward you with amazing profits and lasting customer relationships, especially when some stores bring in $1.3 million a year. However, just like any new business, there are numerous things you need to be mindful of when you’re building a name for yourself. The tips listed below will help you when you’re looking to set up a new, local vape shop.

Prioritize Your Stock

It’s natural to want to stock your personal favorite vaping products, but you need to pay attention to what your customers really want, too. Your shop should welcome both new and experienced vapers; make sure you stock everything from advanced, mechanical mods to starter kits. As for e-liquids, you should have a nice variety of all different flavors, ranging from fruity ones to those that imitate the taste of traditional cigarettes. Your shop also needs to carry flavors with a variety of nicotine levels to meet all of your customers’ needs.

Be Consistent with What You Stock

It’s always great to introduce new products into your inventory. However, regular customers expect your store to constantly have the flavors they frequently purchase from you. You need to restock the same beloved brands and products every week so your customers aren’t inconvenienced. Doing this will make your vape shop seem more reliable and can result in a lot of regular customers.

Have an Online Presence

Websites and social media have some of the greatest influence on customers nowadays. Even if you don’t plan to expand your vape shop outside the local area, having an attractive site and active social media account can help increase the number of customers who come to your store. It’s also a good idea to promote your business through social media ads and search engine optimization. Advertising your vapor business online will only result in even more customers coming to your shop to make a purchase.

Give Customers a Reason to Choose You

The vaping industry is bigger than ever and your shop needs something that sets it apart from the competition. Whether it’s phenomenal customer service, an exclusive premium line, or a wider selection than other stores, you need to promote it when advertising your business. Likewise, you want to select a location that’s not in direct competition with any other shops, otherwise you’ll have a harder time standing out and attracting customers.

Work with a Reputable Distributor

Partnering with an e-liquid distributor can assist you in having in-demand products on your store’s shelves at all times. On Top Distributors, for example, only selects the highest quality lines to distribute to our network of thousands of shops. You’ll have access to the hottest e-liquids on the market as soon as they come out, giving your shop that extra advantage in this popular market.

Focus on an Inviting Layout

For many vape shops, they’re more than just a place to stock up on e-liquids or purchase a new mod; they’re community hangouts. Designing your shop with the community aspect of vaping in mind can really boost the popularity of your store. Actively chatting with customers and giving them your recommendations, along with providing them with a place to sit and vape, will have them coming back for the unique, relaxing atmosphere they can experience at your shop.

Following these helpful guidelines, along with making other smart business decisions, can really help your vape shop thrive. You’ll have a diverse stock that can meet the needs of any vaper who comes into your shop, plus a comfortable environment for them to enjoy. Your shop will let them know that they can come in, feel at ease, and make all of their needed vaping purchases.