Why Your E-Liquid Needs to be Creative

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May 25, 2016
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June 8, 2016

The vaping industry is a highly competitive market. With so many different flavors, lines, and brands, it can seem impossible for your company to stand out. A large part of vaping has become collecting e-liquids from all different brands. In fact, the collection aspect of this hobby is what keeps a good number of people in it after they’ve switched from smoking.

Many other vape blogs tend to write up large reviews on a wide variety of flavors, sometimes compiling a list of the best flavors of the year. Even undesirable e-liquid flavors have been reviewed and given recognition. Publicity with attention called to your flavor will draw in people who are curious about trying it. Making a creative e-liquid that hasn’t been done before can give you some of the exposure and sales you’re seeking.

Brand Recognition

You want to make a flavor that stands out among the rest. In addition, your brand should make a name for itself in thousands of vapor shops all throughout the United States. All kinds of unique flavors are abundant in this industry and you need to bring something distinct to the table. On the other hand, your flavor should fit in line with the exceptional image you have for your brand. An irreplaceable recipe can make your brand’s name recognizable to customers across the country and convince them to buy your products the next time they see them in a vape shop. Because they’ll remember your brand name, your products will catch their eye.

Untouched Potential

You may have a delicious flavor in mind that no one else has thought of making into an e-liquid. Make sure you’re the first one to release it! It’s not uncommon for certain novelty flavors to become popular either. However, your flavor should both be unique and tasty instead of just attention grabbing. If you have a good idea but poor execution, it could do you more harm than good. You could also mix together two or more of your favorite flavors or ones that are currently popular choices on the market, creating something entirely new. Interesting flavors that haven’t been done before are sure to grab a lot of attention from curious vapers.

More and More Experienced Vapers

Although there are always newcomers to vaping, you may want to think about catering to experienced users. These people will often be looking for fresh, unique flavors they have yet to try. For a lot of vape hobbyists, the most exciting part of vaping is trying e-liquids they might not have normally bought when they first started. Innovative flavors are becoming a way for many e-liquid companies to stay on top of the competition.

Intriguing Name and Graphic Design

Besides just having a good flavor, an e-liquid with a catchy name and/or logo can attract customers. Many vapers are intrigued by the names of the products in this industry and it’s not uncommon for them to be a driving force in their selections. Having a name that both reflects your e-liquid and draws attention to it is ideal. This also goes for graphic design. Trying something different, or maybe using colors that other brands seem to shy away from, can set your e-liquid apart on store shelves.

Take all of these factors into account when developing your next e-liquid. Don’t settle for just an average, run-of-the-mill flavor; setting your sights for something extraordinary is what can really make your e-liquid line successful. On Top Distributors is always looking for new, high quality e-liquids to add to our repertoire and send out to thousands of vape shops as well. If you think you have one that will definitely bring in sales, please submit it to us by clicking here.