5 E-Liquid Brands That Have Trusted Us

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June 1, 2016
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June 22, 2016

Specializing in distributing the highest quality e-liquids, On Top Distributors has already been trusted by some of the leading brands in the country. These include Blu Bean, Mr. Cannoli, DUNK’D, Crumbs, and Golden OREE-YO! They’re all premium flavors that we’ve distributed to hundreds and hundreds of stores, where they’ve become huge hits among all different kinds of customers. With our help, these e-liquids have seen more than just local stores and are now loved across the country. Read on to find out more about them.

1. Blu Bean

Blu Bean

A rare mix of a blueberry frosted donut with the cool flavor of vanilla ice cream, Blu Bean was immediately a fast seller. Customers have praised it for just how rich it tastes, without any of the unpleasant or unnatural aftertastes that can come along with some other donut e-liquids. Blu Bean has since become a top pick for many vapers.

2. Mr. Cannoli

Mr. Cannoli

This flavor has really taken the vaping world by storm. Cannoli are a much loved pastry, so naturally there has been a few different cannoli flavors out on the market. But, they don’t hold a candle to Mr. Cannoli. This smooth vape captures everything that people love about cannoli, from the powdered sugar to the rich, baked crust. It’s almost like you’re eating one. On Top Distributors has gotten Mr. Cannoli into stores all over the country and this e-liquid has received numerous positive reviews from customers who swear by it.



With the taste of a delectable frosted donut dunked in a rich cup of coffee, DUNK’D has become a beloved premium e-liquid in so many shops. Whether customers prefer vaping it when they wake up or throughout the day, it’s clear to see that this flavor has made a huge impact. It even rapidly sold out in several shops and received an A- review from Provocative Pandemonium.

4. Crumbs

Strawberry Muffin Crumbs

The Crumbs line is very distinct, due to its variety of delicious muffin flavors. These include blueberry muffin, apple cinnamon butter muffin, strawberry muffin, and banana nut muffin. A lot of vape shop customers snatch up these e-liquids because they taste just like their favorite breakfast and dessert treats.

5. Golden OREE-YO!


This e-liquid has generated a lot of buzz and has been practically flying off the shelves in vape shops. A good number of store owners have been proud to show off their new Golden OREE-YO! displays too. The perfect blend of vanilla cookies, cream, and even a hint of milk, this flavor is the all day vape of choice for hundreds of vapers.

Every one of these e-liquids is hand crafted in the United States, using some of the highest quality ingredients available. On Top Distributors values these characteristics in any e-liquid. If you think yours would be a good fit for our company, we invite you to contact us today.