Choosing the Right E-Liquid Distributor

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July 20, 2016

Choosing the Right E-Liquid Distributor

There may be many distribution options out there for you after you’ve manufactured your e-liquid, but how do you know which is best? A great distributor will have extensive knowledge of the vapor industry and will be able to network for you through their strong relationships with their clients. By looking for a few key components when choosing which company to go with, you’ll be able to create a reliable relationship and grow your brand in the way you intended. Take a look out some of the attributes we believe you should look for in a distributor.

Strong Sales and Marketing Capabilities

An element that is often overlooked when choosing a distributor is the level of their marketing and sales capabilities. A distributor should properly combine skilled merchandising with the delivering of the product to maximize your sales. It’s not enough to just send the product to a shop without knowing what kind of end caps they have or which spots in their storm yield the highest sales. In the grand scheme of things, the distributor is the one who has the strong relationships with the retailers, so you should feel confident that they are going to help sell your product within that retail space.

Along with sales, you may want to question how your specific account will be handled. Does the distributor have a sales department and will your account be handled directly with one person? If the company deals with many accounts and does not employ enough sales representatives, you risk having your account lost in the chaos. The same will happen if you are handled by any sales rep that answers the telephone. You’ll end up being tossed around like a penny. Ideally, you want to search for a distributor that will make you feel as though your account is of utmost priority by placing you with only one or two sales representatives throughout the relationship. It will provide the most sound and guaranteed stream of communication.

Lastly, you should be sure that the sales reps are going to provide you with customer feedback to foster product evaluations. They will be in contact with the stores that they distribute your products to, so they should be able to relay any positives or negatives from shop owners about your line. By making sure that marketing and sales are intertwined into the distribution process, you will have a greater chance of a successful product line.

Knowledge of the Vapor Industry

It may sound obvious, but not any product distributor can deliver your e-liquid line. You want to make sure that the distributor you choose either specializes in the vapor industry or knows a GREAT deal about it. The sales team should have really strong connections with vape shops across the nation and should be in contact with them often. Moreover, they should fully understand what is trending on the vaping industry that way they can pitch the right products for the market and land a successful sale.

To help find that information out, ask them a few questions about their client base. Who are their clients and how large are they? How long have they been serving each one of them? Can they provide references? Which clients have they gained or lost most recently? Based on the answers that you receive, you should be able to grasp a hold on how strong their connections and knowledge of the industry are.

Understanding Your Customer Profile

The distributor that you choose should have thorough knowledge of the type of customer that you are trying to sell your product to. This element goes hand in hand with strong marketing capabilities. Perhaps your e-liquid is a coffee dessert flavor that appeals to a specific market. You wouldn’t want your juice distributed to a shop that has the highest sales in pure fruit flavors. If the sales rep asks the shop owner what flavors their customers prefer, they’ll be able to confidently choose the most profitable placement for your e-liquid.

Financially Stable

Financial stability is a must when choosing with company should handle your products. If there are any outstanding debts, collections, or possibility of liquidation, run for the hills. If the distributor has no intention of future growth, then neither will you brand in their hands.

Some questions asked during the research process will help clear any discrepancies up. What is their financial reputation and how do they determine their margin structure? What is their cost to serve customers? Do they have any bad debt? An overall picture of the company’s stability and potential for growth will be a good indicator of how your products will perform as their client.

In conclusion, these few elements should help you make an educated decision on a distributor that’s right for your product. On Top Distributors is proud to say that we are the leading e-liquid manufacturer in the industry. We’d be happy to work with you on getting your e-liquid into over 23,000 shops nationwide. Contact us here to learn more about us and get started on growing your brand.