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Choosing the Right E-Liquid Distributor

Choosing the Right E-Liquid Distributor There may be many distribution options out there for you after you’ve manufactured your e-liquid, but how do you know which […]

6 Ways to Get Your Vape Shop More Business

So you’ve set up your own vape shop and you’re open for business. Your store may be doing well, but how do you really bring in […]

Why You Should Rely on a Distributor to Sell Your E-Liquid

As the creator of an e-liquid, you need to focus on your business. Whether that’s a local vape shop, an online store, or an independent line […]

What is Distribution and How Does it Work?

Suppose you’ve come up with a fantastic e-liquid and you’re making it yourself, but you have hundreds of unsold bottles in your garage or shop. How […]

5 E-Liquid Brands That Have Trusted Us

Specializing in distributing the highest quality e-liquids, On Top Distributors has already been trusted by some of the leading brands in the country. These include Blu […]

Why Your E-Liquid Needs to be Creative

The vaping industry is a highly competitive market. With so many different flavors, lines, and brands, it can seem impossible for your company to stand out. […]

A Brief History of the Vaping Industry’s Growth

The vaping industry in the United States is almost ten years old! Within these years, it’s grown from almost non-existent to a market that earns millions […]

Vaping Trends of 2016 So Far

The vaping industry only continues to grow every year and vapers have more of a voice than ever before. Last year, the industry was predicted to […]

6 Tips for Establishing Your Own Vape Shop

It’s exciting to get started in the vaping industry! Running your own vapor business can reward you with amazing profits and lasting customer relationships, especially when […]

How to Get Your E-Liquid into Vape Shops

So, you’ve got your own e-liquid line, now what? Just like every other business, when you create a product, you need to get it in front […]